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Bring Your Horse On Holiday

Middle Woodbatch Farm can create a wonderful experience for you and your horse to enjoy together.  With miles of bridleways to ride along as well a forestry and quiet lanes you are simply spoilt for choice.


Two main bridleways access straight from the farm itself and link up onto the Kerry Ridgeway.


Middle Woodbatch is a working farm so the grass keep and bedding are perfect for horses.

Grazing can be restricted to as little or as much as you like, all we ask is that you notify us if you require a smaller area of turnout for Laminitus prone horses.


Our 2 stables have been purposly built around the existing old barn style building and we have outside water/hose facilities and storage area adjacent for your feed/hay etc.






























Our beautiful golden straw can be provided for bedding but we are happy for you to bring your own if you wish. However you will need to bring your own hay.

We provide DIY equine accomodation.


Due to the tranquility of the farm horses relax more easily and enjoy the summer sun in the beautiful Shropshire hills.

Our end stable offers your horse a stunning view out, these doors however can be left open or closed at night as you wish.






Tariff per horse


£15 per stable per night


£10 grazing per night

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